Govornment planning to go big on CCS?

In Ed Milliband on February 27, 2009 at 1:45 am

According to an article in the Guardian on Feb 25th 2009 the government’s is considering a major scaling up of investment in carbon capture and storage. From what this author knows of CCS this would seem to be a misallocation of resources, however, if we are seeing a definitive shift against any new coal without CCS then this would certainly be a welcome development.

According to Chris Smith, former head of the Environment Agency, there is a battle going on over those funds.

“There is a battle going on between the Department of Energy and Climate Change and the Treasury to secure the necessary funds for as wide a range of demonstration projects as possible.”

Perhaps they will take a leaf out of the Conservatives book and use funding from ETS auctions to raise the funds.

“The Conservatives have said they would fund CCS demonstrations using money raised by auctioning carbon allowances under the European Emissions Trading System.”

A couple of things concern me about this.  I think the money could be better spent on renewables. The govornment has often used hyperbole when describing CCS but the environmental audit committe amongst others has been critical of its complete lack of commmitment.  If –as i suspect, ccs proves to be very expensive and to remain so, and to be vulberable to increasing coal prices, then we may all wish that funds had been better spent on renewables, which only get cheaper with volume of production, the opposite of fossil fuels.


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