EON ‘Manifesto’ : Carbon, costs and consequences.

In EON website + PR statements on December 24, 2008 at 12:59 pm

EON have a document on there website with ‘Manifesto’ in the filename sounds interesting right? Here is the link.

Bellow the fold are the main points made in the document. These clearly represent the EON line on matters and there is a lot of presumption and rhetoric involved which could be intersting to unpack.

With our Energy Manifesto – Carbon, cost and consequences – we want the energy debate to become more real, more honest and more urgent as we face the necessity of replacing a quarter of our power stations in the next decade in a way that will reduce carbon emissions, ensure the lights stay on and our homes stay warm, and keep energy as affordable as possible for our customers. These are vital decisions and we have to get them right because they will resonate for decades to come.

* Despite the 50% increase in average energy bills over the past three years, UK electricity prices are still on a par with the European average, and cheaper than those in Austria, Belgium, Italy and Denmark.
* How we manage the transition to a lower-carbon economy is one of the most important challenges facing the UK.
* Energy diversity is key to maintaining security of supply and managing costs for our customers.
* We need to use all available technologies – making sure that each source is used in a way that maximises its strengths and compensates for its weaknesses.
* We believe decentralised generation has substantial possibilities.
* E.ON is passionate about renewable energy. Indeed, few companies are doing more. The development of renewable is essential for climate protection and an important part of our growth strategy. At the same time, our expertise gives us insight into the challenges and obstacles facing renewables.


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