Ed Milliband on New Coal

In Ed Milliband on December 22, 2008 at 8:14 pm

Ed Milliband has just said some fairly disturbing things in the Financial Times.

He chose the security of supply angle. Despite the fact that renewables are entirely domestic. Security of supply is a cipher for traditional old innovation lacking technology that isnt gas i.e coal.

In an interview with the Financial Times, the energy secretary stated: “I will not take a position which ignores our security of supply needs.”

Perhaps most tellingly, he attacked the plans that the Tories have (supported by greenpeace and others)

He attacked the opposition Tories’ “knee jerk” and “not thought through” call for a ban on construction of new stations until technology to capture and store carbon dioxide emissions – as yet unproven on a commercial scale – is installed.

He did the nessicary fudging on kingsnorth but the FT claim this decision will be released in January following a govornment statements on CCS.

Mr Miliband stressed that he could not pre-empt the decision on Kingsnorth, which will follow a statement next month of government policy on carbon-capture technology.

He stated that retrofits of ccs will come at some stage in the future.  I really doubt this adds up, closing plants would probably be cheaper in many cases.

He signalled that much tougher environmental controls would be imposed on existing coal plants, saying: “There will come a point when we say it’s right to retro-fit carbon capture and storage.”

The talk of ‘as quickly as we can’ suggests that leaving things to the EU ETS has been abandoned.

He also stressed the need to drive the technology into new plants “as quickly as we can”.


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