Be very scared…of the ‘energy gap’.

In Angles on December 21, 2008 at 7:11 pm

One variant on the ‘renewables cost to much’ argument is the ‘all energy is going to cost to much argument‘ this basically states that we are heading for a supply crunch and that rather than resisting the seemingly inextricable rise of energy consumption we should grab onto 1.2GW of power, however polluting it is.

“You have old nuclear plants, old coal, expensive gas, a need to invest in renewables to reach unrealistic targets, and a slow [planning] process. Doesn’t that sound like a problem to you?” he said. “The situation in the energy sector in the UK is more difficult than a number of other countries in Europe, without people fully realising it.”

There is some truth in the idea of an energy gap, but under pressure we need politicians to make the smart choice not the fearful one. The article that quote was taken from is called “you British have so little power” and it is from the mouth of a cigar smoking German. Could we get any more obvious at our illusions to British impotence, any more brazen in our attempts to encourage huge masculine mega-projects like Kingsnorth?

Particularly with the credit crisis making power difficult to finance, i think this argument has some traction. The case for urgent action is made, the thing is we need renewables urgently!


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